The Home Show Special: Our Standard Natural Rock Backyard Waterfall
Our standard natural rock waterfall and pond are affectionately referred to as "Home Show Specials." They are sized right for most yards. We have installed hundreds of these waterfalls on pools, small clear water ponds, and large koi ponds. Each customer is different, each setting is unique and each install varies. We installed a great many waterfalls before we learned exactly how to give our customers what they wanted in a waterfeature. Together with our customers input we have developed these four keys to an enduring finished product.
Good Looks (a must have)
Great Sound (an enduring quality)
Easy to Maintain (it goes without saying)
And Always At A Fair Price (no one beats our quality)
A Five Year Limited Written Warranty and Maintenance Plans
Beautiful natural rock waterfalls don't just happen. They are not just a pile of rocks with water running over them. They are a combination of both art, engineering and craftsmanship. Water flow needs to be planned to look good and sound pleasant in each customers setting and that is what our experience provides. We hand select each boulder based on the desired results obtained from listening carefully to our customers wants and desires and sharing with them our knowledge and experience. We describe water flow as a stream or down a waterfall in these three ways: sheer decent's, random tumbling "high density" flow, or multi-tiered. Again, experience provides the knowledge to properly guide the customers selection and then to size the waterfall and pond, pump and plumbing to achieve the desired results.

The average finished size varies for a backyard clear water pond and waterfall. The typical waterfall and pond range from 30 to 50 sq.ft. and 32" to 38" high. Pond water depth varies, to the customers plans from 8" to 12" deep. Ponds are built with 45 mil EPDM fish safe liner and covered with river rock or rip-rap stones to protect the 20 year OEM warranty liner. Colored concrete over the liner is available. Our favorite boulders are surface select granite. Pondless waterfalls are currently a hot item and great around small children, front yards and messy trees.
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